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Basic House Cleaning Tips with Baking Soda

Basic cleaning with the baking soda 

Hello readers! Welcome to the Bond Cleaning Adelaide. Here, we are going to discuss how we can clean our house in a neat manner using baking soda. Baking soda is indeed a very good ingredients for baking delicious stuffs for children and family, but these dishes come with a lot of work that is to be done in the kitchen and dining hall, but you needn’t worry because the same baking powder is going to help you clean all the stains and help you remove unwanted smell from the kitchen and elsewhere in the house. This is not only effective but also helps you save money. Since you don’t need to buy any costly detergent or stain remover for getting the job, baking soda definitely comes handy and is indeed a power tool to clean your stuff.

So, here are some uses of baking soda that can help you in cleaning the house in a clean and desired manner.

Heart of the home-kitchen

Kitchen is a hotspot of nonstop activities in the house. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to clean it thoroughly without any delay. All you can do is make a paste and apply to the affected areas in the kitchen or sprinkle them on the affected areas which is feasible depending on the situation. Leave it for some time and wash it away and then mop it properly with a clean cloth. And there you’ll have a clean and stain free area.

Sink and washbasins 

When it comes to removing smell and stains at the same time, baking soda is the best option that one can choose available in the house or when there is less time to give to cleaning. The results are the same as those cleaned by any stain remover available in the market. All you have to do is apply the paste made of baking soda or soak a cloth in the baking soda water and wipe it properly and you’ll have the desired results.

Cleaning windows and handles  

Baking soda serves as a brilliant tool to clean all the grease, stains and dust from the windows and handle. Take a bowl fill it water and then add baking soda into it and then soak the cloth and then wipe the windows and handed with the cloth. And this exercise will get your job done in hassle free manner.


You can also wash utensils using baking soda and it will make your utensil no matter how satiny or dirty it is, it will get rid of all the grease and stains. Stubborn stains and dirt and also get rid but you have to repeat the cleaning with those utensils to get the benefits of the cleaning.


These are some home friendly tips that ensure smooth cleaning of the house an individual level so that you can maintain your home in the best way possible. Because keeping your house clean at an individual level is very important for the overall well-being of the house and overall, well-being of family health. This is also helps in the maintenance of your property.

But at a larger level when there is lot to do in the home it is recommended that you get your cleaning by Bond Cleaning Adelaide, which is a professional service provider in the area. Bond Cleaning Adelaide has a customer-oriented approach that will helps to deliver a quality service so that you can enjoy your perfect cleaning of the house.

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