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How To Keep Bond Cleaning Using Checklist

Bond Cleaning checklist is an important part of the exit cleaning process. It enumerates the details about the areas and items to be cleaned so that there is a track of all things and to ensure nothing is left unfinished.

As you know that the bond clean process is a tiresome job and needs accuracy and patience. The cleaning is something which is not open to interpretation by the landlord or real estate agent. There are a set of standards that have to be met and those are clearly mentioned in the checklist, this way we know what to clean and help us deliver proper and accurate services to our clients. Bond Cleaning Adelaide removes the hassles related to checklists as it provides a comprehensive checklist so that you can be at ease without any confusion.

How does the checklist work?

Let’s say you have a kitchen to clean, now you won’t start the work directly without knowing how much to clean and what to clean. Checklist is important so that you meet the landlord’s standard and avoid unnecessary expenses on the Bond Cleaning. With this you also prevent unnecessary hassles and other social challenges that may come in the way due to confusion, misunderstandings.

There are many companies and agents who come up with their own checklists where they enumerate the objects that they’ll be cleaning for you at the time of the bond cleaning process. And for the things they did not cover has to be done all by yourself or they’ll get the job done if you pay them extra.

Checklists enable you to have a clear picture as to what needs cleaning and objects that can be avoided. This reduces the hassle of the customer as well as the bond clean experts. As the clean process progresses you have the track of the objects and if something is left out it can be covered later. This way a checklist helps you to track and prevent unfinished jobs.


What does a checklist consist of?

Checklist enumerates many objects that need to be taken care of in all the rooms of the house.

Bond Cleaning Adelaide provides you with a comprehensive bond cleaning checklist as delineated below.

  • Living room checklist:


This includes cleaning of walls, windows, carpets, cleaning of sockets, plugs, and switches.

Vacuum upholstery, including those sections behind and underneath the cushions.

Shelves, cupboards and drawers must be cleared out, dusted inside-out and then polished.

All wooden furniture has to be dusted, wiped and polished.

Entire flooring should be vacuumed, wiped and left stain-free. This includes areas under the carpets, tables, beds, sofas, chairs, etc.

Sweep and mop hard floors.

  • Bedroom checklist:


Beds must be clean and orderly. Any glass, wood or metal parts must be cleaned and polished to a shine.

Mattresses have to be vacuumed on both sides to ensure dust, hair and other debris is removed.

All bedroom storage units.

  • Kitchen checklist:


It includes sinks, slabs, and windows.

Remove dust, dirt, grease and grime from the ceiling fan, kitchen exhaust and sink. Descale the sink and taps.

Cleaning of stains from kitchen walls and fixtures.

Clearing all cobwebs.

Ensure that drains are working in their rightful condition.

Vacuum clean floors and every corner of the kitchen.

  • Bathroom Checklist:


Cleaning of washbasins, tiles, tube, taps, and cupboards.

Clean the tissue and soap dispensers, towel rails and radiator.

Polish the toothbrush glass and mirror to a high clean, ensuring there are no smudges and fingerprints.

Bond Cleaning Adelaide is your one stop destination to all your queries relating to the bond clean and checklists. We are here to answer all your doubts and ever ready to provide you a high-quality service.

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