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These terms and conditions are the full and comprehensive service agreement between you (Customer) and us (GS Bond Cleaning) to provide services.


  • The information added by you on GS Bond Cleaning website will be assumed as accurate and will not be changed by the time the service is provided.
  • If the information given by you is not precise then, as a result, there could be a variation in the price quoted for the service. The consumer/occupant/agent will need to pay for the distinction in prices or withdraw the service.
  • Quote given to you based on the information provided is still an estimate and may vary on the day based on the size and condition of the property.
  • If by any chance, you cancel any service due to incorrect data provided, then you will be charged a booking fee if the cleaners/subcontractor/associate has been sent off to the location but the client decided to call off the service before it started.


  • Quotes are based on the data you have shared.
  • The quotes are intended for standard room size; if the room size is bigger than the standard size, then you may be charged extra for it. The charge will be considered on the amount of time taken to perform the service in an eminent and timely manner.
  • We would not charge any extra fees unless they are acknowledged by consumer/occupant/agent and GS Bond Cleaning.
  • Every Quote would be conveyed through an email or phone and will be accepted by the same by confirming the date and time.
  • Each quote is valid for a limited period of time depending on our availability.


  • Payment should be done before the service is provided either by online method or direct transfer.
  • The payment rules apply for all and if somehow it’s not received before the prior day, then we have all rights to cancel your service. You may even be charged a cancellation fee (up to $150) depending on the service you want.
  • Refunds have its set of rules, which will be followed in case of any services you don’t get.


  • The consumers/occupants/agents should understand that unexpected situation may result in the termination of service.
  • All cancelled services will be rearranged.
  • If the consumer wishes to cancel service after a reschedule made by GS Bond Cleaning the consumer will not be charged for it.


  • If a consumer wishes to withdraw or rearrange the service before 12 hours of the booked day then we will charge you a fee of up to $100.
  • If any consumer cancels or rearrange a service within the 2 hours of any service initiation, there may be an extra charge for tour expenses and bookings expenses; it depends on time and date.
  • If the consumer cancels the service once the service has been initiated, then you may have to pay an extra charge for the work including travel expenses and booking fees.

Offering Service

  • Services given by us to you are with due diligence from our experts.
  • Customers should do their best to ease the work of the cleaners by keeping their personal items or furniture away from the area that is going to be cleaned. A fee may be charged if it takes more than an hour to move items away from the cleaning area.
  • We may even charge a fee to cover all the operating cost if we have to pick up and or drop off keys more than 4 km from the area where the service is to be given.


  • We guarantee you that we will make come to the work site and provide the service until the customer/tenant/agent is satisfied with the work that we have done.
  • This guarantee is only applicable to the services that include in the main package along with all the extras that were agreed for. Any work that wasn’t meant for or agreed to be offered by us is not mentioned in the service.
  • There will be no full refunds once the service is finished; our guarantee policy assures that our cleaner or subcontractor will be there on the site until the customer is satisfied.
  • This guarantee is only applicable if we are contacted within 4 days (96 hours) after the service was given.
    Our bond cleaning guarantee gets void if the property is occupied by someone and used even if the 4 days guarantee is active.
  • Please note that the guarantee doesn’t apply to situations in tear and wear. If a wall or carpets are damaged, it will not be restored by any means; since all we do is cleaning and not painting or carpet dyeing.


  • If you cancel your booking 5 days before the booked date, you will be charged a fee of $25 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel your booking within a period of 5 days to 2 days prior to the booked date, then we will charge $50 cancellation fee or if you wish to postpone the job to some other day a $50 postponement fee will be applicable on the job.
  • If you cancel your booking within 24 hours from the booking date, then we will charge you a fee of upto $100.
  • We hold all rights to cancel the job if we deem the condition of the property is dangerous for the safety, health or well being of our staff or if we are unable to access the property as agreed. Same day cancellation fees will apply.
  • We reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel any Service if the property is not as described either in condition or size, or if unexpected circumstances occur.