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End-of-Lease Cleaning

in Perth

If you’ve been searching for a reliable and professional end-of-lease cleaning in Perth, your search ends right here. Our team of skilled end-of-lease cleaners is dedicated to delivering a thorough and meticulous cleaning experience for your property. From top to bottom, we clean every corner, focusing primarily on often-neglected areas like skirting boards, light fixtures, and windows.

What sets GS Bond Cleaning apart? Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by our insurance coverage and police-insured team, ensuring your property is in secure hands throughout the cleaning process. Our bond cleaning service is crafted to alleviate the stress of moving. Simplify your experience with our convenient booking system, offering the ease of scheduling or modifying your cleaning appointments effortlessly.

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Best Experts in Cleaning

Hassle-free End of Lease Cleaning Service in Perth

Effective cleaning is not just a task but a responsibility; GS Bond Cleaning can do this hassle-free. Our premier end of lease cleaning in Perth is known for its thorough cleaning, bond back assurance, use of sustainable products, and convenient procedure.

  • Thorough Cleaning

    Our professional teams do a thorough cleaning of every corner and space of your house that’ll exceed your expectations.

  • Bond Back Assurance

    We assure you that our cleaning not only leaves the landlord impressed but will guarantee 100% bond back.

  • Hassle-free process

    Our cleaners are strict regarding following the cleaning rules, which makes the exit cleaning process convenient.

  • Green Solutions

    We believe in going green! Our products and cleaning practices adhere to the guidelines that don’t harm the environment.

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GS Bond Cleaning has made the booking process extremely easy for its customers as we believe that our customers are the center stage. We proceed further in accordance with our customer’s needs and have utilized proven strategies for cleaning to achieve the desired results.


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While you focus on shifting to your new place, our experts will thoroughly clean it, leaving it perfectly tidy for inspection.


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Best Experts in Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

Choose GS Bond Cleaning in Perth for meticulous cleaning expertise. We have skilled cleaners who work with attention to detail and experience stress-free move-out transitions await. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we strive for that.

  • Insured and certified Cleaners

    As GS Bond Cleaning in Perth, we aim to recruit only certified and police-verified cleaners to give you peace of mind.

  • Trained in Detail Cleaning

    We aim to clean every corner and inch of your property and hard-to-reach spots, with a complete service guarantee.

  • Bond Back Guarantee & Re-clean

    Our services are not ordinary, but we do super cleaning so your landlord is satisfied and gives your full bond back. If you are not satisfied, we re-clean the place in 4 days.

Our Introduction

Efficient End of Lease Cleaning Services in Perth:
Your Solution for a Spotless Place

GS Bond Cleaning specialize in end of lease cleaning for rental properties, delivering consistent satisfaction across the Perth metro area. When it comes to end of lease cleaning service, our commitment to accessible, efficient, and professional services sets us apart. Our comprehensive equipment and cleaning agents effortlessly handle properties of all sizes and conditions. With our expertise, we swiftly tackle any cleaning challenge.

Our end of lease cleaning services encompass kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, oven, light and vent, and window cleaning. We prioritize honesty, punctuality, and professionalism. Count on us to arrive on schedule and provide a top-quality service that concludes with a professional receipt. As your reliable partner, we ensure a seamless transition during your lease clean process.

Worried about your bond return? Call us today and get ready for an efficient cleaning!

Quality Cleaning

Not only are our services affordable, but they are also of the finest quality. We never compromise on the standard of our services, and you can expect long-lasting and dependable results.

Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners are professional, experienced, dedicated, and passionate about offering the best cleaning solutions. They ensure that every corner of the property is properly taken care of.


We Know how crucial it is to find a cost-effective service that yields quality result, and this is why we have customized packages that fit your budget.

Inclusions & Exclusions


General Cleaning – Dusting and wiping off countertops, tables, and furniture; cleaning & polishing mirrors and glass surfaces. Cleaning switches, light fixtures, and power outlets, removing cobwebs, and cleaning baseboards and skirting boards.

Bedroom – Cleaning of the wardrobe mirrors, frames, tracks, cupboards and wardrobe; removing cobwebs; cleaning plugs, sockets, light switches, fittings, and lamp shades; cleaning of doors, and door frames; removal of marks from walls; moping the surface areas; disinfecting the door handles and knobs; wiping of blinds and other window coverings.

Floor Cleaning – Vacuuming and mopping, including carpets, tiles, and hardwood; removing stains and marks from floors.

Kitchen Cleaning – Cleaning inside and outside kitchen appliances (stovetop, microwave, oven, etc.); wiping the kitchen countertops & cabinets; cleaning and sanitizing sinks and faucets; cleaning the interior & exterior of the refrigerator and freezer.

Bathroom Cleaning – Disinfecting toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and tiles; cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces; cleaning and sanitizing bathroom fixtures.

Trash Disposal – Disposing, and cleaning trash bins and wastebaskets.

Interior Windows – Interiors of window and window sills.

Vent and Air Duct Cleaning – Cleaning and dusting vents and air ducts.


Exterior Window Cleaning –  Cleaning of windows exterior.

Personal Belongings Removal – Removing furniture, personal belongings, and items left behind.

Repair and Maintenance – Performing repairs or maintenance on the property.

Wall and Ceiling Cleaning – Cleaning walls, ceilings, and wallpaper.

Pest Control – Pest control amenities, including extermination.

Yard Work and Outdoor Cleaning – Outdoor cleaning, yard maintenance, and gardening.

Fixture and Furniture Replacement – Replacing or repairing fixtures, furniture, or appliances.

Unspecified Work – Any cleaning or maintenance work not specified in the agreement.


About Us

Elevating Cleaning Standards: GS Bond Cleaning’s Commitment to Excellence

We’re not just another cleaning service – we’re a revolution in the industry. At GS Bond Cleaning, we uphold a 5-star standard for every home, no matter where it stands. Customer satisfaction and quality results are at the core of our values, driving us to exceed your expectations.

From the moment we step through your front entrance to meticulously addressing every corner, we’re dedicated to delivering top-tier cleaning. With GS Bond Cleaning, your home transforms into a haven of cleanliness, with every nook and cranny spotless.

Feel confident about your choice as our commitment to excellence ensures the top service and invincible results every time.

The Ultimate Cleaning Experience

Maximizing Returns: The Property Manager’s Gain from End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning isn’t just a tenant’s responsibility, but it’s a strategic move that greatly benefits property managers. A thoroughly cleaned property not only attracts potential buyers faster but also maintains the property’s value.

From spotless kitchens to sanitized bathrooms, a well-maintained space is said to set a positive impression. With the professional end of lease cleaning services in Perth, landlords minimize turnaround time between tenants, reduce property management costs, and ensure a higher occupancy rate.

Moreover, it fosters a reputation for quality, which leads to satisfied tenants who are more likely to renew their leases. Landlords can rely on the proficiency of cleaning services to handle the nitty-gritty, resulting in a win-win scenario that certainly impacts the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Question from Our Clients

Absolutely. Most of the lease agreements require tenants to return the property in the same condition as when they moved in. Expert end of lease cleaning ensures that the property meets these standards, increasing the chances of receiving your full bond back.

Well, you can attempt it, but professional end of lease cleaning in Perth guarantees a thorough cleaning job. Skilled cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and sustainable products to address every corner, ensuring your property meets the quality cleaning standards.

It's best to schedule your end of lease cleaning close to your move-out date. This allows the property to remain in pristine condition for inspection. Many cleaning services offer flexible booking options to match your moving timeline.

End of lease cleaning in Perth covers a comprehensive range of tasks, comprising cleaning of kitchen appliances, floors, carpets, bathrooms, windows, and more. Skirting boards, light fixtures, and hard-to-reach areas are also included to meet lease requirements.