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6 Useful Tips When Vacating Your Rental for Tenants

Vacating your rentals is no easy task as you have to look after several tasks that need to be fulfilled before you leave. The most essential is cleaning your rentals and we have some Bond Cleaning tips that can help you get your bond back from the landlord.

Buy why does one need to have a clean place before they leave?

This blog will help you.

Avoiding possible issues, unexpected fines and delays in moving into your new home can be easy if you consider the right things before moving. GS Bond Cleaning Services understands individuals’ common problems when vacating their rentals. To ensure a seamless transition into your new home, individuals should consider the following six tips:

Provide Notification in Advance

First and foremost, tenants should make sure they provide their landlord with a notice of quitting, making sure the proper number of days, depending on the situation, is supplied.

In addition to giving landlords notice, tenants should contact all service providers and arrange for the termination of their home phone, gas supply, electricity, and any outstanding rental payment obligations. They will be able to deliver a final metre reading and disconnect if they receive 48 hours’ notice.

Failure to do so could have severe repercussions and require paying the amount to the subsequent tenant.

Address Change

The tiresome process of changing your address is one that many people frequently ignore. However, the danger of missing crucial mail is not worth it.

Tenants should make sure they notify all pertinent companies of their new address before leaving a property. Additionally, it’s crucial to give the landlord your new forwarding address so you’ll be informed if they decide to contest the bond or submit a claim for compensation.

Keep The Keys Together

All keys, including any extras, must be returned to the landlord when tenants vacate the property. Although it doesn’t seem like it could be a problem, not returning keys on time can lead to significant fines and further legal issues.

Equally crucial is for renters to make sure keys are handed in person to the landlord and that a documented receipt is created to prove the delivery. Even though it’s ideal, if delivering the keys to the landlord directly is not possible, tenants should do so in the presence of a third-party witness and hand them to an authorised agent, once more requesting a written receipt as proof of delivery.

Protect yourself by making sure you have convincing evidence that all keys were returned before the deadline.

Take Pictures of The Property for The Condition Report

People should take pictures of the home after it has been cleaned and request a condition report from the real estate firm to ensure the full bond is refunded. Prior to moving in, the new property should also be photographed. By taking these steps, landlords’ cleaning fees and potential problems with tenants will be avoided.

Receiving Your Bond Promptly

The state of the property following the final inspection clean will have the biggest impact on whether your bond is completely refunded. However, other measures must also be done to guarantee a quick and effective procedure.

Once the lease has finished, people should fill out and mail the refund of rental bond form to the Residential Tenancies Authority, making sure that everyone listed on the bond signs the document. People should also speak with their landlord to discuss and come to a payment arrangement for the bond. To prevent later challenged returns, this should be documented in writing.

Finishing Up Loose Ends

Tenants should make sure that any outstanding payments are made and that any property damage is repaired before leaving. Addressing any issues early on will help ensure a smooth and easy transition into your new home.

These tips can help you when you vacate the property and you can win your bond back fully. You can even opt for Bond Cleaning Adelaide for a fully clean home ensuring you have your bond back.


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