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Simple Cleaning Tips to recover your Bond Back

You are full of excitement when you are moving to a new home & new atmosphere and this eagerness can make you forgive the cleaning of your leased property. However, the clean-up is the most important as it is directly associated with your bond deposit. To recover your complete bond money back, you have to make sure that the premise is thoroughly cleaned before your landlord’s visit for the inspection.

Although, it is not that facile because along with the vacuuming and cleaning, you have to look for packings as well. This is because people choose the professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. So, it is a better idea to take on the well-skilled and trained end of lease cleaners for efficient and hassle-free deep cleaning. We at GS Bond cleaning, make sure that we deliver a superbly cleaned home to our valuable customers in order to get their bond deposit back. But if you think that you can do the cleaning on your own or there is not any availability of bond cleaners in Sydney, there has some tips and tricks to ensure that you do not face major issues. Here we will discuss some basic and useful tips that can assist you to get your deposit back. Let’s see!

Prepare a Bond Cleaning Checklist

Bond Cleaning is one of those tasks that require both physical and psychological force. It is not all about making the home clean, vacuuming or wiping the dirt stains. It is more of removing collected dust from the carpet area, lubricating air vents, kitchen gadgets, and disinfecting the cupboards, and other corners and floors of the property thoroughly before the final visit.

So, it is better to make a personalized bond cleaning checklist so that you can manage the order of everything that has to be cleaned & vacuumed. This will assist you in saving your crucial time and also help to pass your inspection. For a better checklist experience, you can enquire us for better Bond Cleaning checklist consultation.

Mention all the bedrooms, mainly the dirty surfaces and floors inside your property. Despite this, you can include walls and panels, kitchen tabletops and floors, sink, cupboards, windows & doors, toilet seat, and hydrants in your checklist.

Do Not Forget the Carpet Cleaning

Sanitized carpets are also necessary to get the bond deposit back. The carpets can get smudged swiftly due to the inflation of dust particles, liquids and coffee stains, pets, shoe stains, and many similar causes.

Tenants generally overlook sanitizing the carpets and left their bond money while moving out of the property. That’s why it needs a professional carpet cleaning and vacuuming service in Sydney to make sure that carpets are stainless.

But, if you are not acquiring the expected outcome despite making attempts and you aren’t able to clean properly, do not think much to hire GS bond cleaners in Sydney and in sub-urbs. We understand how to clean the inadequate stains in a lesser time.

Make Sure the Kitchen & Bathroom Is Clean

The landlord or real estate agents in Sydney keep an eye on various spots and corners of the kitchen area, to verify that it is free from food stains and insects. Start cleaning with the ceiling of the kitchen and clean all the dust and cobwebs stuck around corners.

Then clean the gas stove and burner and then countertop. Then move on to the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen. In the end, disinfect your sink and through garbage out from the kitchen. You can prefer normal cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar.

Once you are out of the kitchen, target on the dirty toilets and bathrooms associated with the bedrooms can also be a reason for the deduction from the bond. Use a quality bathroom cleaner to clean it thoroughly. Start from the top area and finish your way down to the wrecks, corners, cupboards, and bathroom tiles or floors.

Aside from a cleaner, you can also use baking soda and vinegar. You can also use these products to clean the washbasin and the valves.


However, there are many factors accountable for interference in the bond tenure, end of tenancy cleaning is obviously a hectic task. The tips and basic tricks discussed above will assists you clean your property correctly to pass your landlord inspection.

Whether you do the deep cleaning by own or choose for an end of lease cleaning Sydney, make sure the rental property is absolutely disinfected to get your bond money back.

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