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Crucial Areas to Focus on During Bond Cleaning Adelaide

Has your lease ended? Are you ready to move out to a new property?


Well, if yes, then it’s time for you to have Bond Cleaning Adelaide for your home to restore its original look before handing it over to its owner. Well, at the start of the lease agreement, you might have agreed on formulating a bond for which you would have paid, too, right? Now is the time to claim it back.


If you maintain your old home and ensure to return it to the owners in good condition, you will be entitled to receive a 100% refund back. Else, your landlords would have full authority to claim the amount for the damaged property. Hence, this does not happen, which is why bond cleaning services are meant.


There are several areas in your home. You need to focus on every corner during the Bond Cleaning Adelaide so that no nooks or corners face any damage, which keeps you from claiming your bond amount back.

Important areas to focus on during the bond cleaning!

  • Get rid of cobwebs

Not just during the Bond Cleaning, but you should regularly inspect your home for cobwebs. Get them out of the house if you notice some before, they increase. Qualified and professional bond cleaners use a microfiber cloth by attaching it to a broom and sweep every corner of the ceiling to eliminate the cobwebs.


  • Focus on the patio too

Well, get all the plants watered once before your landlord comes and inspects the house. Make sure that all the dust from the garden is cleaned out and even washed out so the place looks tidy and pleasing. Moreover, sweep it out if you see some dust anywhere in the garden area or the patio. But make sure to make the patio and garden area as clean and tidy as possible so your landlord can offer you the full money back.


  • Clean the windows with a cloth

As the windows are usually placed at the outer side of the house, this means that these would be surrounded by dust and dirt. Well, if your home has windows, inspect them and if they seem dirty, get them cleaned with the help of a professional bond cleaner. They would clean it with a professional approach by attaching a clean cloth on the edge of the mop and then cleaning the doors and corners. You can even clean the windows with vinegar by mixing it with water for better cleaning.


  • Clean out the dust after the renovation

Well, if you are getting any repairs before handing over the home to its owner, make sure to clean out the clutter in the form of dust and debris. Repair work brings in a lot of debris and dust to your home, so you should dust it out when the repair is over.


  • Check if there are any cracks in the tiles or floors

Well, if you have been living in your home for quite a long time, then the tiles or floors might need renovation. It’s better to check it first rather than regretting it later when the landlord disapproves of your 100% refund. There might be some moulds which might be formulated on your tiles. So, to eliminate this, you need to acknowledge your concern to the professional bond clean. They would be using their tactics to help you with mold-free tiles.


  • Clean your carpet area

If most of your home’s sections are carpeted, they might get dirty during Bond Cleaning Adelaide. If that is so, it is essential to get rid of this. Otherwise, other issues like dampness, carpet stains, or any other issue would arise. So, remove these stains over time so they do not remain persistent.




So, as we have come to the end of this blog, we believe that you must have gone through the arras, which you must inspect and get cleaned by a professional bond cleaner. They have essential tools and equipment to make your home in the condition it was in earlier.

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