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8 Tips to Clean Up Before This Festive Season

Every house gets dirty along time and it’s not a onetime process to complete and there is not only one way to clean your house, there are many smarter ways to get the cleaning job done. First step in making the house ready for Christmas is cleaning and it is not an easy task to accomplish. Follow this guided tour of your home from the living area to kitchen to bathroom, bedroom and washrooms. These are some basic rules of cleaning with some pro tips that will help you out to clean your space more effectively and efficiently. Starting now with these points that will cover some important points about cleaning of different cleaning methods including Carpet Cleaning and other methods.

How To Start Cleaning?

Identify the area that is visible dirty and find the possible things to start cleaning with. Ensure the no. of cleaning area, according to the reach and the timing of cleaning.

How To Manage Your Kitchen Cleaning?

Inside the kitchen, keeping surface wiped and clean, keeping stuffs in fridge, doing dishes daily will saves your plenty of time and effort.

Keep Dishes Clean

If you tend to let the dishes pile up in sink to avoid washing, then try this simple trick to avoid washing the dishes in stock. For few days set the timer for your washing and match the timing of your dish cleaning and a make a note on timing how long it takes to do your all dishes. If it takes some minor minutes to complete the washing then it will be easy for you convince yourself for doing dishes daily.

How To Clean A Burned Pot?

To clean a burned pot without scrubbing, cover the burned area pot with decent amount of baking soda and pour boiling water in pot to a certain level of burned area. When water is cool enough to touch scrub it with sponge and baking soda solution to scrub the burning part.

Keep Your Sink Clean

Sink should be kept clean to make sure not be a home to bacteria. Keep the sink dry when not in use. Use dry sponge to clean the sink dipped in vinegar to wipe off any mold that is on sink.

Keep Surfaces Clean

Wipe all your equipment’s with non-scratch able sponge to remove the greasy film stick on the equipment’s.

How to Clean Bathroom?

There is a place in house that requires daily cleaning and when you skip cleaning the bigger mess is created and that place is bathroom.

There are many products in the bathroom that requires everyday cleaning.

Scrubbing of toilet, tub, sink and shower. Clean tile and grout with bristle brush to keep the clean and anti-slippery.

How to Clean the Bedroom?

Do arrange your bed in morning by removing the night mug, dinner sets used at night to make your bed look clean and tidy. Do wash bed sheets often once in a week.

How To Clean The Living Room?

Arranging living room in tidy condition is very important to maintain a healthy good, neat and clean environment. Arrange everything in detail to their respective place in order to avoid mess.

How to Do Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets are beautiful and add beauty to the floor of the area. If you’ve invested in high costing carpet then you expect it to last up to as long as you want. For this you have high standards for your carpet cleaning.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

In this method hot water and detergent is sprayed into the carpet to extract the dirt using different equipment’s.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning depends on many specialized machines. These machines are referred as very low moisture “VLM” using dry components in application of cleaning solutions.

There are many more methods of carpet cleaning but above are the mostly and widely used methods.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes Detail cleaning of everything present in a house.

Cleaning is most important and inevitable part of living in a happy and peace environment that may bring good vibes along with you and the family. Cleaning homes in festival season along with busy schedule every time is not possible to clean home as according to our satisfaction. Christmas and new year are on the brink and we GS Bond Cleaning are with you get your all cleaning jobs done.


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