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5 Tips to Help you Keep Your Office Organized: Read Here!

It has been proven that working in a clean and organised office environment increases productivity significantly. One reason for this is that a disorganised office can be very distracting and disrupt your mental state of mind.

When you walk into a cluttered office, your stress levels spike, making it difficult to focus and be productive. Furthermore, the accumulation of dust and dirt creates an unsanitary office environment where working people spend most of their weekdays.

These are just a few disadvantages that can be avoided by cleaning and organising your office. If your workspace needs a thorough cleaning, choose Bond Cleaning Campbelltown to be deep clean the place.

Increase Storage Space

Holding a small office organised is nearly impossible when you need more storage space to keep your desk clutter-free. When dealing with larger office spaces, this is similar because the first rule of organisation is to have a designated area for everything.

Keeping this in mind, we recommend you purge existing storage areas such as drawers and cabinets and re-evaluate what stays and what goes. You’re already one step closer to your goal of keeping an organised office if you’ve made more space to organise office items!

Deal with Clutter Right Away

Before you know it, your clutter-free office has become cluttered once more. This is because most people act slowly when dealing with even the most minor form of clutter; instead, it is allowed to accumulate and become an enormous mess to deal with, and only Bond Cleaning Campbelltown can help you get rid of the mess in this case.

Paying close attention to what constitutes clutter in your office will make you more aware of it when it occurs and, as a result, better prepared to act accordingly. Remember, we live in the digital age, so paper clutter is no longer necessary.

Keep Cables Under Control

The number of cables on and around a work desk can be overwhelming with many electronics/gadgets. They make your office look untidy and challenging to work because they get in the way or become entangled with other items.

Here’s how to organise your cables properly:

  • Use a surge protector power supply
  • Unplug everything from your power supply
  • If you can attach your power supply to your office desk
  • Tie loose cables together with cable/zip ties
  • Make sure to label each cable with the hardware to which it is connected

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Get rid of anything or everything in your office that doesn’t belong there, isn’t being used, or needs to be fixed. Not only do useless items add to clutter, but they also make Bond Cleaning much more complex and time-consuming than it should be.

It is imperative at home offices, where you tend to bring in items from other rooms of your house to gather and dispose of things that aren’t needed daily.

Keep Desk Essentials at Hand

When the items you need daily are within reach, you are more likely to replace them. On the other hand, getting out of your seat to retrieve an item is expected to end up on your desk after use.

Using desk drawers and cabinets to store work essentials is preferable, while a few select items can be organised on your desk.

Essentials should be limited to

  • A computer (preferably a laptop)
  • An ergonomic workstation
  • Sticky notes
  • A water bottle
  • Printer
  • Work essentials tray
  • Stationary and other office supplies


Keeping an office space organised is easy if you let it get out of hand.

It only takes a few minutes each day to quickly organise your desk and different work zones before leaving the office. This is especially simple if you’ve made enough storage space, removed unnecessary items, and included organising tools.

So, whenever you feel like your well-organised office is slipping, return to Bond Cleaning Campbelltown and start ticking off these five simple tips for thorough office organisation.

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