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Are Bond Cleaning And The End Of Lease Cleaning The Same?

Confused to find out the basic difference between bond cleaning and the end of lease cleaning? Let’s understand the terms and know every detail about bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning. The tenants who lived in rented property are a host of many responsibilities that comes along with the property they rented from paying rent on time or by completing the responsibilities of cleanliness and maintaining the overall look of the place they rented.

Cleaning and maintenance of the building in the same condition at the time of occupancy are one of the main responsibilities of the tenant to claim the bond amount he paid at the time of finalizing the property to live. Claiming the money back from the agent by cleaning the property at par satisfaction of the agent and property owner is known as bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning.

Now you get the idea that bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning is similar. These terms are used broadly in cleaning activities. Don’t confuse in between these two words because the two terms are used by cleaning companies and landowners to clarify the tenant about the policy of cleaning the property at the end of the lease or when they will leave the property as they are legally bound to give the property back in the same condition as it is at the time of occupancy.

Bond cleaning is a process of cleaning done by bond cleaning companies to make sure you get the full bond money back from the landowner. The tenants hire bond cleaning companies to get their cleaned properly and neatly not leaving any chance of error to give complete satisfaction to the tenant as well as the landowner to make sure the tenant will get the full money back from the property owner.

The cleaning practices performed under bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning are as follows:

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are laid down on the ground and they are full of dirt or heavily soiled or greased. Carpet cleaning is a major part of cleaning at the end of the living bond. The best decision is to let your carpet be cleaned by professionals that are experts and experienced in carpet cleaning to save your time and money and do the adequate amount of proper cleaning of carpet done to satisfy the tenant and the owner at the time of audit by the owner and agent itself at the inspection of the house.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is the busiest and used place in the house making it the dirtiest place in the whole house. Deep cleaning is a tricky, as well as the tiring process of cleaning consuming a lot of time and tenants, has not all the types of equipment and advanced knowledge of deep cleaning so we recommend you to hire professional’s bond cleaners to do your kitchen cleaning.

General Cleaning

In general cleaning, the bond cleaners cover the entire important part house while cleaning the house. General cleaning covers all important aspects of cleaning from bathroom to outdoor cleaning. The cleaning tasks include the following ways of cleaning the house.

• Dusting and wiping of all rooftops, fixtures, lights and surfaces.

• Cleaning of windows along with rails and grills.

• Vacuum cleaning of all surface.

• Removing any type of stain and mold and grease from surfaces on which they are present

• Washing of entryways, garage floor and stairs.


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